High Quality Wind generator Main Brush Holder 20*40

Short Description:

Grade: H022

Manufacturer: Morteng

Dimension: 20×40 mm

Part Number: MTS200400H022

Place of Origin:  China

Application: Main Brush Holder wind power generator

This brush holder is the main carbon brush of wind turbine, with the size of 20x40mm. It is designed and developed by the expert team of Morteng with rich experience in the manufacture and application of brush holders. It has a carbon brush wear alarm device, which can actively remind the carbon brush to be replaced, adapt to various complex working environments, and can customize better overall solutions according to the specific requirements of customers.

Product Detail

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Product Description

Brush holder material grade: ZCuZn16Si4

《GBT 1176-2013 Cast copper and copper alloys》

Pocket size

Mounting hole size

Installation center distance

Install the spacing

Outer diameter of matching ring

Brush Holder length







Our company employs experts in the carbon brush industry with high salary and sets up a professional technical research team with rich experience and excellent technology. The production of carbon brush products strictly follows the standardized production process, and all employees perform precise and standardized operations to ensure the production of high-quality carbon brush products.

Keeping up with the technological development frontier of the carbon brush industry, introducing advanced production technology and production management concepts at home and abroad, carrying out a clear division of labor and visual management for the entire process of carbon brush production, to ensure the standardized production of carbon brush products.

"Company Values and Management Policy"

"Focus  Creative  Value  Win-Win" is our value concept, and all our employees always adhere to the quality management concept of quality priority, prompt delivery, enthusiastic service, preferential price and continuous improvement.

"Rotation More Values " is also our business policy, fully implement the quality management of all employees, strive for perfection and continuous improvement in product development and design, manufacturing and sales, so as to ensure that carbon brush users in various industries are provided. Provide products with numerous specifications, excellent performance and high-quality services.

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