• Signing Ceremony for Morteng New Production Land

    Signing Ceremony for Morteng New Production Land

    The signing ceremony for Morteng's new production land with the capacity  5,000 sets of industrial slip ring systems and 2,500 sets of vessel generator parts projects was successfully held on 9th, April. On the morning of 9th, April, M...
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  • Replacement and Maintenance Guide

    Carbon brushes are an important part of many electric motors, providing the necessary electrical contact to keep the motor running smoothly. However, over time, the carbon brushes wear out, causing problems such as excessive sparking, loss of power, or even complete moto...
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  • Good news! Morteng Won Award

    Good news! Morteng Won Award

    On the morning of March 11, the 2024 ANHUI High-tech Zone High-Quality Development Conference was grandly held at the Andli Hotel in ANHUI. Leaders of the county government and high-tech zone attended the meeting in person to announce the awards related to the high-quali...
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  • Morteng Won Sinovel’s Award for “2023 Excellent Supplier”

    Recently, Morteng stood out in the 2023 supplier selection of Sinovel Wind Power Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sinovel") and won the "2023 Excellent Supplier" award. The cooperation between Morteng and Sinov...
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  • Beijing Wind Power exhibition

    Beijing Wind Power exhibition

    In the golden autumn of October, make an appointment with us! CWP2023 is coming as scheduled. From October 17th to 19th, with the theme of "Building a Global Stable Supply Chain and Building a New Future of E...
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  • Morteng New Production Base

    Morteng New Production Base

    Morteng Hefei company ushered in major achievements, and the groundbreaking ceremony of the new production base in 2020 was successfully held. The factory covers an area of ​​approximately 60,000 square meters and will be the company's most advanced and modern facility t...
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  • What is Brush Holder

    What is Brush Holder

    The role of the carbon brush holder is to apply pressure to the carbon brush sliding in contact with the commutator or slip ring surface through a spring, so that it can conduct current stably between the stator and the rotor. The brush holder and the carbon brush are ve...
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  • What is a Slip Ring?

    What is a Slip Ring?

    A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure. A slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, intermittent or continuous rotation whil...
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  • Company Culture

    Company Culture

    Vision: Material & Technology Lead Future Mission: Rotation Create More Value For our customers: providing solutions with unlimited possibilities. Creating more value. For employees: providing unlimited possible development platform to achieve self value. For partner...
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  • What Is Carbon Brush?

    What Is Carbon Brush?

    Carbon brushes are sliding contact parts in motors or generators that transfer current from stationary parts to rotating parts. In DC motors, carbon brushes could reach spark-free commutation. Morteng carbon brushes are all independently developed by its R&D team, wi...
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