Morteng Won Sinovel’s Award for “2023 Excellent Supplier”

Recently, Morteng stood out in the 2023 supplier selection of Sinovel Wind Power Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sinovel") and won the "2023 Excellent Supplier" award.

The cooperation between Morteng and Sinovel that started in 2019 is an important milestone for the wind power industry.  As a key partner of Sinovel Wind Power, Morteng has consistently provided excellent products and services, solidifying its position as a trusted supplier to the industry.

Morteng specializes in providing a wide range of products that are critical to the efficient operation of wind turbines. These include carbon brushes, brush holders and slip ring products, all of which are critical components for the operation of wind power systems. Morteng brush holder such as : Wholesale High Quality Wind generator Main Brush Holder 20*40 Manufacturer and Supplier | Morteng (  It is worth noting that Morteng’s pitch slip ring products have been widely integrated into a variety of Sinovel Wind Power’s wind turbines, covering mainstream models from 1.5MW to 10MW. This demonstrates Morteng's ability to meet the diverse needs of wind power systems, ensuring seamless and reliable performance.

The partnership between Morteng and Sinovel is characterized by mutual trust and mutual benefit, joint collaboration, and the pursuit of mutual benefit and win-win results. Through many in-depth cooperation processes, the two companies have established a strong partnership and friendship, laying the foundation for continued success in the wind power industry. For more information about Morteng products , its could review and download at: Catalogue - Morteng International Limited Co., Ltd. ( 

Wind power carbon brushes, brush holders, and collector rings are indispensable components and play a key role in the efficient operation of wind turbines.  Morteng’s expertise in supplying these important products plays an important role in improving the performance and reliability of Sinovel’s wind turbines. By consistently delivering high-quality components, Morteng contributes to the overall efficiency and sustainability of wind power generation. For more information about Morteng products at wind renewable industry , its could review and download at: Wind Renewable Manufacturers - China Wind Renewable Factory & Suppliers (

Overall, the collaboration between Morteng and Sinovel demonstrates the importance of reliable and innovative suppliers in the wind power industry.  Morteng is committed to providing first-class carbon brushes, brush holders and collector rings, which not only strengthens the cooperative relationship with Sinovel Wind Power, but also contributes to the advancement of wind power technology. As the demand for sustainable energy continues to grow, the role of companies like Morteng in providing the necessary components for wind power systems is becoming increasingly important.

Sincerely thank Sinovel Wind Power for its trust and support to Morteng. In the future, Morteng will continue to maintain good and in-depth cooperative relationships with more industry customers and partners, provide more product solutions, create greater value for customers, and contribute more to promoting the global green and low-carbon transformation.  For more information , please contact with us for your Wind renewable project : Email: 

Post time: Mar-25-2024