Brush Holder

  • Vestas Grounding Brush Holder 753347

    Vestas Grounding Brush Holder 753347

    Grade:   753347

    Manufacturer:  Morteng

    Dimension:   24x47.5mm

    Part Number:  753347

    Place of Origin:   China

    Application: Vestas Grounding Brush Holder

    Convenient installation and reliable structure.Cast silicon brass material, reliable performance. Using spring to fix carbon brush, simple form.

  • High Quality Wind generator Main Brush Holder 20*40

    High Quality Wind generator Main Brush Holder 20*40

    Grade: H022

    Manufacturer: Morteng

    Dimension: 20×40 mm

    Part Number: MTS200400H022

    Place of Origin:  China

    Application: Main Brush Holder wind power generator

    This brush holder is the main carbon brush of wind turbine, with the size of 20x40mm. It is designed and developed by the expert team of Morteng with rich experience in the manufacture and application of brush holders. It has a carbon brush wear alarm device, which can actively remind the carbon brush to be replaced, adapt to various complex working environments, and can customize better overall solutions according to the specific requirements of customers.

  • Wind Generator Lightning Brush Holder China

    Wind Generator Lightning Brush Holder China

    Grade: H005D

    Manufacturer: Morteng

    Dimension: 25×32 mm

    Part Number: MTJ250320H005D

    Place of Origin: China

    Application: Lightning Brush Holder Turbine generator

  • Grounding Brush Holder R057-02

    Grounding Brush Holder R057-02

    Grade: R057-02

    Manufacturer: Morteng

    Dimension: 12.5×25 mm

    Part Number: MTS125250R057-02

    Place of Origin: China

    Application: Grounding Brush Holder wind power generator

    This R057 herringbone brush holder is our conventional ground brush holder for wind power generators! The size is 12.5x25mm. For transmission shaft grounding current! Conventional matching carbon brush ET54, RS93/EH7U semi-silver and semi-carbon brush.