Vestas Grounding Brush Holder 753347

Short Description:

Grade:   753347

Manufacturer:  Morteng

Dimension:   24x47.5mm

Part Number:  753347

Place of Origin:   China

Application: Vestas Grounding Brush Holder

Convenient installation and reliable structure.Cast silicon brass material, reliable performance. Using spring to fix carbon brush, simple form.

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Brush holder


Carbon Brush

753347 Detail Drawings

When the fan is running, due to the unbalanced magnetic field of the magnetic circuit, there is a rotating magnetic flux that intersects with the rotating shaft; when the rotor winding has a ground fault, a ground current will be generated, and the excessive current of the generator shaft will easily lead to the inside and outside of the generator bearing. There are problems such as washboard patterns, locking, and running circles in the lap. Seriously, the generator needs to be replaced, which will cause serious economic losses. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a grounding device for wind turbine generators. This brush box is a shaft grounding brush holder from Vestas. The whole brush box is as shown in the picture above and is divided into 5 parts, 1. Bolt, 2. Brush cap, 3. Brush box, 4. Nut, 5, Carbon brush composition. This brush box is fixed to the fixing plate by two nuts, so that the carbon brush and the main shaft are in contact to form a path to lead out the shaft grounding current! This brush box uses the cost-effective H62 material, H62 has good mechanical properties, plasticity under hot state Good, good machinability, corrosion resistance.

As shown, the assembled case of 753347.

Common FAQ

1. What certification has your company passed?
Our company passed ISO90001, CE certification, laboratory CNAS certification.

2. What environmental protection indicators have your products passed?
Our company has passed RoHS certification, ISO14001 certification, ISO45001 certification

3. What patents and intellectual property rights do your products possess?
Our company has been engaged in the carbon brush industry for more than 20 years, and has accumulated rich experience in carbon brush design and utility model patents.

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