Company Culture

Vision: Material & Technology Lead Future

Mission: Rotation Create More Value

For our customers: providing solutions with unlimited possibilities. Creating more value. For employees: providing unlimited possible development platform to achieve self value. For partners: Providing unlimited cooperation opportunities to build a win-win value platform. For the society: providing unlimited scientific and technological power to promote the global sustainable development

Core Value: Focus, Creative, Value, Win-Win.

Strive to be the industry expert, keep improving, pursue excellence.

There is one Chinese saying goes ”If you don't adapt, you will go backward. If youdon't innovate, you will go extinct”. That means we, Morteng, will maintain our entrepreneurial aggressiveness so that we can strive for more business and gain continuous growth.

We strictly control the quality of products, we do our best to meet customers’ needs,we attentively create value for customers.

Start with integrity, based on credit.(Honesty as the beginning, credit as the foundation.) Be fair and open, to create and share, to achieve a win-win situation.

Begin with honesty and trust, be fair and open, create and share together, and achieve win-win.


Company Culture

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Employee quarter conference

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Speech of each department

The managers/supervisors of each department reported the quarterly work results and the work plan for the next quarter.

Each staff meeting is a review of the past work and lays a good foundation for the next quarter.

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Awards --- Quarterly Star Award

Through comprehensive evaluation, the excellent colleagues of each quarter will be awarded the title of "Quarterly Star", and the Vice General Manager of Delivery Center, Mr.Pan presents the awards to the winning colleagues and take a group photo.

Birthday party 

Every quarter, Morteng holds a warm birthday party for employees who have a birthday.

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Team Building

In order to enrich the spare-time life of employees, strengthen their physique, enhance teamwork and cohesion, and create an innovative team. Every year, Morteng Company organized a one-day employee team building and tourism activities.

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Tourism Activity

Company employees came to Wuxi collectively to tour the Water Margin City of the Three Kingdoms, admire the three British battles with Lu Bu, and spent a journey through time and space amidst laughter and laughter.Through this team building and tourism activity, everyone not only relaxed their minds and bodies, and relieved work pressure, but at the same time, new and old employees of various departments had in-depth communication and understanding through this opportunity, and generated a lot of trust and strength. I believe that in the future work, the friends will devote more enthusiasm to the work, cooperate tacitly, and jointly build an innovative and executive team.

Post time: Aug-30-2022