Traction Motor Brush holder

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Manufacturer:  Morteng

Dimension:   20X 80 mm

Part Number:  MTS200800F090

Place of Origin:   China

Application:     Brush holder

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Traction Motor Brush holder2

The brush holder for electric traction motors for locomotives, pertaining to the field of electricity, is an improvement applied to brush holders and used in electric traction motors for locomotives. This electric coupling device is especially designed to hold, support and press the brush against the switch of the rotor of the electric motor, when the body thereof is connected to the electric terminals, said device being supported structurally using insulated shafts connected to the structure of the locomotive.

Further information:

Traction Motor Brush holder3

The brush holder is to ensure that the brushes are in close contact with the commutator and have an accurate position so that the contact voltage drop is constant and does not cause firing and commutation failure.

If the carbon brushes are stable, the carbon brushes can be easily removed when checking or replacing the carbon brushes, and the exposed part of the carbon brushes under the carbon brush holder can be removed to prevent the commutator or collector ring from being worn out, the pressure of the carbon brushes, the change of the pushing direction and the pushing position, and the carbon brushes from wearing out the structure firmly. 

Traction Motor Brush holder4

For motors, brush holders and carbon brushes are very important parts. If the characteristics of the carbon brushes are good and the brush holder is not suitable, the carbon brushes will not only not be able to give full play to their excellent characteristics, but will also have a great impact on the performance and life of the motor itself. The brush holder holds the carbon brushes in place when the brushes are fixed in the mechanical guide slots of the brush motor.

If you may interested in any other holder or further information, please contact with us, we will get our engineering team to support you. 

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